ColDesi Celebrates 10th Anniversary for Senior Account Manager

ColDesi celebrates the career of long-standing staff member Tracy Rogerson. 

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Tracy Rogerson

TAMPA, Fla.-ColDesi celebrates the career of long-standing staff member Tracy Rogerson. Rogerson serves as the senior account manager at the company, and 2017 marks 10 years of service at the business.

“[Tracy] knows the industry inside and out to the point where you would think she’s been doing it for a lot longer than 10 years,” says Alex Duran, sales manager for ColDesi. He adds that whenever he embarks on a new project, ‘I always lean on her to talk to her about it, to get her feedback on what I am thinking.'”

The company affectionately refers to Rogerson as the Queen of Bling, due to her extensive experience with the decoration method. She began her career with ColDesi in 2007 as a newcomer to the decorated apparel industry, and the company says she has since built a strong background in industry knowledge and selling strategies.

Rogerson (right) celebrates her 10-year anniversary with ColDesi staff. (Image courtesy ColDesi)

“I have watched people start small and grow into very successful businesses,” says Rogerson. “That makes me happy.” 

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