BroadSign Chosen by Pets Central Media for Asia and the U.S

Pet Central's U.S. clinics are primarily in California.

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Montreal-based BroadSign, a maker of automated digital software for the digital signage industry, announces it has been chosen to power the veterinary-based digital signage network for California-based Pets Central Media LLC, which offers customized content for clients that includes digital programming, e-marketing, an online retail stores and tele-veterinary services.

Under the agreement, BroadSign’s software will be powering the Pets Central network in Asia and the United States­-the latter of which are primarily in California.

Pets Central Media displays are at least 50″ in size and situated in the reception areas of veterinary clinics. The network aims to make “pet parents” more knowledgeable with content that is composed of equal parts education and entertainment. The loop allows for 28 minutes of programming and two minutes of clinic-specific messaging.

Social media marketing is included in Pets Central Media’s digital signage package, enabling veterinary clinics to provide clients with consistent information both onsite and on the go.

“BroadSign has become the digital signage industry standard in healthcare among networks in the United States and Australia, and by working with Pets Central Media, we are excited to raise the bar regarding software quality and innovation in Asia,” says Maarten Dollevoet, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Asis at BroadSign.

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