Bolger Vision Beyond Print is Newest SGP-Certified Facility

Bolger in Minneapolis is the 68th SGP-certified facility in the country.

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The Sayville, New York-based Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, a nonprofit organization that provides sustainability certification in the graphics communication industry, announces that Minneapolis-based Bolger Vision Beyond Print is its newest certified printing facility.

Bolger is a full-service print shop that has a variety of clients in different industries. In order to earn its certification, Bolger was required to undergo an independent third-party certification audit aligning it with the published SGP criteria. All certified facilities must pass environmental, health and safety, and energy audits, in addition to conducting indoor air quality tests. Facilities also must maintain documentation strategy for best management practices and should have a team of employees in place to coordinate sustainability efforts.

Bolger Vision Beyond Print is the 68th SGP-certified facility in the United States.

Bolger Vision Beyond Print director of compliance Rick Kline says that his facility decided to pursue SGP certification, “to bolster its current environmental, health and safety program and to provide customers the assurance that Bolger is a responsible company that practices what it preaches with its sustainable management system.”

Kline’s ambitious certification goals include reducing the company’s carbon footprint and increasing business by offering in-demand services to sustainable brands. Bolger also places a high value on employee health and safety, and its SGP certification adds an additional level of confidence in that area.

Says Kline, “Along with its Quality and Information Security Management Systems certificates and audits, the addition of its SGP certification means Bolger has completed the grand slam of certifications.”

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