BelQuette Launches BQ.Live Video Series

BelQuette launches a new video series with the website BQ.Live.

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CLEARWATER, Fla.-Direct-to-garment equipment manufacturer BelQuette launches a new video series with the website BQ.Live. Hosted by Belquette sales associate Eric Deem and sales manager Jerid Hill, BQ.Live launches as a livestream every Tuesday at 4 p.m. EST and users can submit questions which the hosts answer at the end of the episode. Viewers can also watch past episodes on the website. While the videos predominately focus on direct-to-garment topics, Hill says the series will occasionally include crossover subjects.

“BelQuette has prided itself in being able to provide solid information to potential customers to make informed decisions,” comments Hill. “One of our main goals has always been to advance the DTG industry.”

Recent video topics include how to improve efficiency in direct-to-garment production, the evolution of the direct-to-garment process, and advice on marketing techniques. Hill says that as the series grows, the company aims to create episodes built around viewer-requested topics.

Users can subscribe on the website to receive updates when the newest video is posted, as well as join the corresponding newsletter for the series.

To watch the newest videos and subscribe, visit:

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