BELLA+CANVAS Launches YouTube Channel

BELLA+CANVAS launches a new video series on the company's YouTube channel.

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LOS ANGELES-BELLA+CANVAS launches a new video series on the company’s YouTube channel. With weekly installments, the company says it plans to focus on key apparel decorating topics such as screen printing, direct-to-garment, and artwork and design advice.

“So much of what makes our Ts so special is what happens after they leave our factories,” says Danny Harris, CEO of BELLA+CANVAS. “We want to inspire what comes next by giving customers tools and resources to help them make the most out of our Ts.”

Videos in the series feature collaborations between the apparel company and apparel decoration shops to offer viewers information from the perspective of shop owners. BELLA divides the videos up by the following categories:

DTG Takeover: A collection of videos centered around direct-to-garment printing techniques and tips.

Design Inspo: A series of discussions on decoration trends and ideas for apparel decorators.

Insider Tips and Tricks: Videos with success stories from apparel decorators.

Behind BELLA+CANVAS: A behind-the-scenes look at the company and its manufacturing operations.

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