Bauman Engraving & Signs Expands Facility, Launches New Product Line

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Bauman Engraving & Signs

Michigan-based retailer Bauman Engraving & Signs announces the expansion of its facility alongside the launch of its new custom gift product line, Juneberry Gifts.

For over 50 years, Bauman Engraving & Signs has primarily served the industrial identification industry, while also catering to the signage, graphics, and awards and engraving markets.

What started as a part-time business in a basement in 1960 has grown into a third-generation-owned company with two major expansions.

Earlier this year, Bauman Engraving & Signs President Tom Dudek made the decision to nearly quadruple the production space of its Kingsford location, adding a second story to the facility. “It’s been quite a transformation,” Dudek tells A&E magazine, explaining how the demand for engraved nameplates took off through word of mouth in the manufacturing sector. Around 2004, Bauman Engraving & Signs settled into its current brick and mortar location, eventually expanding twice to the size it is today. “It was a very significant expansion-the second time it’s been added onto. It will also be the last time because that’s the most we can do.”

The decision to add more production space was a no-brainer for the future growth of the company. “Everything was pointing in the direction of doing this,” Dudek says, adding that business has been steadily increasing over the last several years as its core customers in the energy infrastructure industry continue a trajectory of rapid growth. “Our core customer has been expanding faster than we have, so naturally, we see the back-end of that and I don’t foresee that changing, so that was kind of the impetus for us to expand.”

As it grows physically, Bauman Engraving & Signs is also breaking out of its shell to cater to more customers, launching a new line of products including engraved cutting boards, wood photo prints, wine gifts, ornaments, and more.

Currently sold via Etsy, Juneberry Gifts will soon be available through a new website dedicated to the products. “At the same time we (were adding the second story), we were also kicking around the idea of expanding our product offering and eventually developed another brand-something we don’t dabble in too much,” Dudek explains. “It’s different, but it utilizes the same equipment and personnel.”

In addition to the new Juneberry Gifts site, plans are underway to begin a revamping of the current Bauman Engraving & Signs website, featuring easier, user-friendly navigation and product layout, as well as improved SEO performance. The company is also looking to add two employees within the next year to better serve more customers throughout different markets.

“We feel very fortunate and blessed to be in an industry that can be so diverse in terms of the products you can manufacture and the machinery you can use to make those products,” Dudek stresses. “It’s a fun job to have. It’s not peaches and cream all the time, but I’ll take it over anything else.”

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