A&E Exclusive: Heat Transfer Warehouse Volunteers at Great Plains Food Bank

Three participants reflect on their experience contributing to the cause against hunger in their community.

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heat transfer warehouse
heat transfer warehouse

On August 28th, Heat Transfer Warehouse, Fargo volunteered at the Great Plains Food Bank for the third time. The team helped by shucking corn for an evening, getting the produce into a netted bag, and sealing them up in containers for distribution. The exact number of corn shucked is unknown, but according to Marketing Assistant Brendon Ranagan, 18 HTW members and the two hours of nonstop shucking made an impact.

The food bank’s mission is to end hunger through community partnerships and to one day have a hunger-free North Dakota and western Minnesota. GPFB has a warehouse where they store food items and supplies. They also have a backpack program, which offers hunger relief to kids who may not have immediate access to it at home.

Kevin Ingeman, warehouse branch manager, participated in this initiative and reflects on his contribution. He says, “I love giving back to the community, and this is a great way to actually feel like you are making a difference. I learned just how large of an operation a food bank can be.”

Also commenting on this experience is Jamison Gehrig, operation manager, who says, “With ‘connection’ being one of our core values at Heat Transfer Warehouse, it is always great to give back. It’s something I always look forward to each time.”

Jaime Warkenthien, inventory specialist, seconds that notion, adding, “It made me feel good that I’m helping out other families and know they will have a good dinner – something I take advantage of on a daily basis. It only took two hours out of my day to feed many, many families, and if people volunteer more often, it could stop hunger.”

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