A&E Exclusive: Gravotech Launches Redesigned, Rebranded Website

The company began working on the update approximately five months ago as a part of its rebranding.

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Gravotech debuts its redesigned website, boasting a new look, easier navigation and more.

The company began working on the update approximately five months ago, Terri Bristow tells A&E magazine, explaining, “Gravotech is going through a total rebranding.” The website has implemented its new green and gray color scheme to match the new machines as part of its rebranding efforts, of which details will be released in the near future.

In addition to its new look, the site also features two sections that make it easier for the company to connect with its customers, including a news and event section, which will be actively updated, as well as an update that will allow customers to contact Gravotech more easily.

The site also makes it easier for customers to search the different markets and applications for their engraving machines, Bristow says. The redesign ultimately aims to improve the customer experience and make it easier to navigate on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. “(The website) helps customers learn about all the different things they can do with laser and rotary engraving machines,” Bristow says. “You might only be engraving awards, but then find out that you can engrave industrial plates that aren’t difficult to make. One cylindrical attachment opens up a whole range of markets and broadens what our customers can do with each machine.”

Though the redesigned site went live April 1, Bristow explains that Gravotech’s website, along with other brands including Gravograph, will continue to be updated.

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