A&E Exclusive: Condé Teams up with Industry Facebook Groups for Exclusive Wide-Format Webinar

Don't miss this exclusive education event about cashing in on wide-format sublimation.

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Condé webinar

Condé wide-format specialist Micky Unsworth will be hosting an upcoming webinar, Go Big with Sublimation Decorating, on Friday, March 10 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. MST. Held in conjunction with Cheryl Kuchek, moderator of the industry Facebook groups Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond, and OKI Laser/LED Heat Transfer Training Group, the private webinar is geared toward sublimators who are interested in adding wide-format printing.

The interactive event will explore wide-format equipment and products. “It’s a way for people to get educated about the world of large-format sublimation so that they can make intelligent decisions,” Condé President David Gross tells A&E magazine. The webinar will attempt to answer crucial questions sublimators should ask before entering the wide-format market:

  • Is this something I can do?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • What are the graphics requirements?
  • What is a RIP?
  • What are some of the costs associated with doing large-format?
  • What products can I produce?

Kuchek has been moderating Facebook groups for over 10 years to help beginners in the industry. Sublimation for Beginners and OKI Laser are the main groups she moderates.

Because of a shared goal, Kuchek and Condé make a great team for those wanting to learn more about sublimation. “The model for us has been since day one simply to grow our clients to put all this out in front of them and educate them,” Gross says.

The online event will begin with an introduction to the rules of the forum, with an opportunity to submit questions, which will be answered toward the end of the session. “I would say questions are always the best part of webinars,” he adds.

There will be a posting within the group following the conclusion of the webinar for attendees to review the information or for those unable to attend.

To register or for more information about Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond or OKI Laser/LED Heat Transfer Training Group, visit Facebook.

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