3M’s 2017 Training Schedule Released

Most of the classes take place at 3M's headquarters in Minnesota, but a few will held at locations throughout the country.

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St. Paul, Minnesota-based 3M has developed a variety of expert-led programs for wrap installers of all levels. The company offers the 3M Advanced Installation Training course and its accreditation programs: 3M Certified Graphics Installation Co. program; 3M Preferred Graphics Installer program; and 3M Endorsed Installer for 3M Knifeless Tape and Architectural Surfaces.

“Earning certification through 3M’s installation programs is a great way to fine-tune your wrap skills and differentiate yourself from your peers,” says Marcio Oliveira, technical service supervisor for 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “Our courses are led by experts in the field, and will provide attendees with tools, knowledge and hands-on training that will take them to the next level of their profession.”

The company announces the following 2017 training opportunities, all of which will take place at 3M’s Application Center in St. Paul:

March 13-16-3M Endorsed Knifeless

March 20-22-3M Advanced Training

March 20-23-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

March 23-24-3M Preferred Testing

April 10-12-3M Certified Training

April 13-14-3M Certified Testing

April 17-20-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

April 24-26-3M Advanced Testing

April 27-28-3M Preferred Testing

May 22-24-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

June 18-19-3M Advanced Training

June 19-22-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

June 22-23-3M Preferred Testing

July 10-13-3M Endorsed Knifeless

July 17-19-3M Advanced Training

July 17-20-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

July 20-21-3M Preferred Testing

July 24-26-3M Certified Training

July 27-28-3M Certified Testing

Aug. 7-10-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

Aug. 14-16-3M Advanced Training

Aug. 17-18-3M Preferred Testing

Aug. 21-23-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program (for 3M Preferred Installers)

Sept. 11-14-3M Endorsed Knifeless

Sept 18-20-3M Advanced Training

Sept. 18-21-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

Sept 21-22-3M Preferred Testing

Oct. 9-11-3M Certified Training

Oct. 12-13-3M Certified Testing

Oct. 16-18-3M Advanced Training

Oct. 16-19-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

Oct. 19-20-3M Preferred Testing

Oct. 30 to Nov. 2-3M Endorsed Knifeless

Nov. 6-9-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

Nov. 13-15-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program (for 3M Preferred Installers)

Nov. 13-15-3M Advanced Training

Nov. 16-17-3M Preferred Testing

Dec. 4-7-3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program

Dec. 11-13-3M Advanced Training

Dec. 14-15-3M Preferred Testing

In addition to St. Paul, 3M testing and training programs are offered throughout the country at the following locations:

  • Lowen Certified in Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Geek Wraps University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • J3 Industries in Addison, Texas
  • Wrapix Academy in Burbank, California.

The 3M Advanced Installation Training program offers professional graphics training to improve installer’s skills and prepare them for 3M Certified or Preferred installation testing. Successful completion of the testing and program requirements provide 3M Certified Companies and 3M Preferred Installers networking opportunities with fellow industry peers, inclusion on the 3M Installer Locator and rights to the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company or 3M Preferred Graphics Installer titles.


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