WRAPSCONNECT: Ten Top Wrappers Share Their Stories

Grab a beverage, put your feet up and spend an hour with some of the top wrappers in the world.

One of the benefits of attending National Business Media’s annual WRAPSCON event is the opportunity to meet others like yourselves who are professional graphics installers. And what makes WRAPSCON so unique is the amount of industry talent that shows up. There’s no substitute for being able to sit across the room-or across a table-from pros who’ve been in the wraps game professionally for decades. We’ll run pieces of this discussion in the future, because we know you’re busy and won’t necessarily be able to take an hour watching a video, but today we proudly present-in its entirety-the WRAPSCONNECT discussion from WRAPSCON 2017 in Long Beach, California, hosted by Matt Dixon, managing editor of WRAPS and Sign & Digital Graphics magazines.


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