WRAPS Project: Kevin Kempf of PGNola and the Lamborghini Huracan

This design was an original created just for this car.

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Kevin Kempf from PGNola in New Orleans shared with us this Lamborghini Huracan he wrapped, called “Psycho Hurricane,” that won Avery Dennison‘s 2015 “Wrap Like A King” contest. For his efforts Kempf was crowned “King of the Wrap World” for the next year.

In winning the contest Kempf beat out 172 other installers from 25 countries.

“This project was printed on Avery Conform Chrome using an HP Latex printer, then Avery ‘LUSTER’ laminated,” Kempf says. “The design is something original I created for this specific car. We had the car for three weeks.”

“The first week and a half was basically for me to be able to measure and design it to scale so that certain parts fell in specific areas. With a car like this, using a normal black and white AutoCAD style template wasn’t going to cut it.”

“I have about 13 total hours in the whole design process between the various versions I came up with before finalizing this particular one. It’s all vector art, multiple layers and affects. Before printing the full wrap, we printed a sample 4′ x 1′ swatch, then laminated it with Avery Gloss, Avery Luster, KPMF Gloss Metallic Gold Starlight and KPMF Matte Metallic Gold Starlight to show the client and let him choose. Luster was the winner.”

“The entire car was laid out using Knifeless Tape systems, then used Knifeless for each layer as well.  Most of them are ‘butt’ seams — very few are overlapping seams.”

“We also used Avery Black that transitions into Avery Silver Chrome from the front headlights all the way to the back. These areas were ‘hand laminated’ with KPMF Pacific Gloss Blue Starlight overlaminate. It changes colors from blues, greens to purple.

“Our laminator went out two days before we had to deliver the car, so this was our only options. The headlights were done using an iridescent chameleon headlight tint film. We have some areas of the car that are just Avery Silver Chrome with Avery Luster lam on it, too. We did some embossing on each side under the door sill and air intakes.  One says ‘IT AIN’T PAINT;’ the other says ‘#LAYEDNOTSPRAYED,’ which is a Paint is Dead wordmark and slogan. We then pinstriped the black and silver chrome and a few other spots with Avery Black Reflective vinyl for a cool look at night. “

“The 3-Piece Amani Forged wheels were all powder coated three colors each (total of five colors used between the four wheels). Then KPMF Gloss Pacific Blue laminate was put directly onto the small spikes of the wheels,” Kempf says. “They look crazy when they spin. Black Reflective pinstripes also went into the small grooves of each wheel. We also did ceramic window tint on the side and rear windows. We also used Croftgate ‘Wrap Care’ products to clean and protect the wrap’s finish.”

By the way, the base price for the 2016 Huracan is about $240,000. A wrap is extra.

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