Working with High-Density 3D Ink

BELLA + CANVAS teams up with Eagle Promotions to show printers how to create an effect with high-density ink. High-density ink is a thicker ink that can be layered on to create a dimensional effect with more detail. 

Things to know:

  • It can offer a faux stitched or appliqué look
  • Extra texture can be added through foils or glitters
  • Screens must be stretched properly to achieve the correct height and definition for a job
  • Anywhere from a 250- to 400-micron level screen is used with high-density inks
  • Preciseness and practice are the keys to HD success
  • Flashing occurs at a higher temperature due to the thickness of the ink
  • Drying also occurs at a higher temperature (380-400 degrees F) for the same reason

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Allee Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor for GRAPHICS PRO magazine, aiding with the publication's digital and print efforts.

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