Vintage Vinyl: A Greatest Hits Compilation

This week's video features some of the most remarkable wraps from shops around the globe. Enjoy!

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You have to be of a certain age to remember, but we here at WRAPS central are not ashamed of the miles we’ve put behind us so we can proudly say that we remember K-Tel Records.

You’d see their commercials after school in the 1970s, advertising “Monster Metal Hits” or “Southern Fury,” compilation albums (yes kids, albums!) that would be a mix of many different artists-usually quite a few you’d never heard of.

From Wikipedia: “In 2013, Dave Grohl, front man of the Foo Fighters, gave a keynote speech at (South By Southwest) praising K-tel for exposing him to music early in his life, specifically ‘Frankenstein’ by The Edgar Winter Group: ‘Grohl told the crowd earnestly that the song’s inclusion on a 1975 K-Tel Records Blockbuster compilation-the first album he ever owned-was ‘the record that changed my life.'”

What does this have to do with anything? It just means that some compilations are actually way cool. Like this week’s Vintage Vinyl video.


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