Try This: Sublimate Steel Message Boards

Take a note of these easy steps to sublimate steel message boards. 

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Take a note of these easy steps to sublimate steel message boards.

Materials Needed

  • Bare sublimatable steel message board
  • Sheet of poly-fabric
  • Blowout paper
  • Nomex pad
  • Heat transfer tape
  • Cloth for cleaning and all-purpose cleaner (rubbing alcohol)

Step One: Preparation

Peel the film and clean the substrate using a cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner (rubbing alcohol). Line up the message board with your transfer sheet. Tape it length-wise along the long edges and place it in the heat press with the bare side facing down. (Image 1)

Step Two: Layers

Steel substrates are sublimated coating-side down, so be sure to place a layer of poly-fabric on top of the steel substrate to prevent the blowout paper from sticking to the back of the steel. (Image 2) From top to bottom, your heat press should have the following layers: blowout paper, poly-fabric, steel substrate and transfer sheet, blowout paper, and Nomex pad. (Image 3)

Step Three: Press

With the bare side facing down, press the substrate at 400 F for 1:45. Remove the transfer and allow it to cool.

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