Try This: Sublimate Magnets

Follow a few simple steps to sublimate these attractive products.

Follow a few simple steps to sublimate magnets-an attractive addition to any magnetic surface.

Materials Needed

  • Bare sublimatable magnets
  • Heat transfer tape
  • Cloth for cleaning and all-purpose cleaner (rubbing alcohol)

Step One: Preparation

Begin by cleaning the magnets with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner (rubbing alcohol). Next, line up and center the magnet on the transfer and use heat transfer tape to secure it.

Step Two: Pressing

Press the magnets at 400 F using the following times:

Aluminum: 50 seconds

FRP: 1-1:05 minutes

Increase the time if you’re pressing more than one magnet.

Step Three: Post-Pressing

Peel the film off the two-sided tape from the back of the magnet and attach.

Shira Allego

Shira Allego has worked for Unisub for nine years, serving as a sublimation specialist for four years. In her role, Allego sublimates and sends out samples to trade shows, customers, and potential clients. As an industry expert, she attends trade shows and answers customers' technical sublimation questions.

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