Try This: Sublimate Charm Necklaces

Charm your customers with full-color personalized jewelry. 

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Charm your customers with full-color personalized jewelry. Follow three steps to create sublimated charm necklaces.

Materials Needed (Image 1)

  • Sublimatable charms
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Heat tape
  • Chain necklace
  • Jump chains
  • Chain hook/closure

Step One: Cleaning

Begin by cleaning your blank charm with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Next, line it up and center it on the transfer using heat tape to secure it. Because these products are small, you can use one piece of tape to tape several pieces at a time. (Image 2)

Step Two: Pressing

With the bare sides facing up, press the charms at 400 F for 35-45 seconds. The time may vary based on equipment. You may increase the time slightly if you’re pressing more than one product, but you typically won’t exceed one minute.

Step Three: Assembly

Remove the transfer and let it cool. Attach the hardware in five steps:

  1. Start with a chain consisting of about 14 links. Add a jump ring with a charm already in place on the ring (Image 3) and close it with pliers. (Image 4)
  2. Assemble several more charms using different lengths of chain. (Image 5) Create sections of chain for the main part of the necklace and attach closures for fastening the necklace. (Image 6) Connect the two open ends with an open jump ring.
  3. Add charms to the necklace by placing the last link of each charm onto the open jump ring. (Image 7)
  4. Adjust the orientation of the charms to hang properly. (Image 8)
  5. Place the end of the necklace chain in the jump ring to secure (Image 9) and close it with pliers. (Image 10)

-Jannell Canerday, Unisub

Jannell Canerday

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