Try This: Sublimate Ceramic Latte Mugs

A step-by-step guide to sublimate ceramic mugs.

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A 4-in-1 mug press machine features four different heat elements that fit a variety of mug styles including the standard 11 ounce, 15 ounce, and large and small latte mugs. Among our favorites is the ceramic latte mug and pressing them is easy.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to press a 17-ounce latte mug with a multi-function heat press.

Materials Needed (Image 1)

  • 17-ounce latte mug
  • 4-in-1 mug press
  • Thermal tape

Step One: Preheat

Set your mug press temperature and time to allow the machine to heat up. Slide the blank mug in the heating element and test the pressure. It is best to do it now rather than later when you have your design taped to the mug.

Step Two: Design

Create your own design or download a premade template.

Step Three: Taping

While your press is heating, line up your mug to the printed paper. (Image 2) Use thermal tape on each edge to secure the design. (Image 3)

Step Four: Pressing

Once the temperature has reached 330 F, place the mug in the heating element (Image 4) and pull the handle toward you to “close” it with medium pressure. (Image 5) Push the button to activate the timer.

After 240 seconds, the mug press will start beeping to let you know the mug is ready to be taken out. Press the button again to stop the beep and reset the machine. You may use gloves to handle the mug but that’s not necessary. The mug handle is usually not hot and can be easily held while peeling away the paper.

Step Five: Post-Pressing

Make sure to peel the paper right away. (Image 6) As long as the mug is still hot and the paper is on it, sublimation is still occurring.

The final result should be a beautiful image transfer without any faded areas.

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