Try This: Laser Marking Metal Growlers

Follow five easy steps to personalize these popular products. 

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With a huge uptick in local brew pubs and taprooms, laser engraving growlers is quickly becoming a popular laser application. Not only can you brand your business, but throw a customer’s name on a growler and you’ve got a fan for life. (Image 1)

Using a laser bonding agent like CerMark or TherMark makes laser engraving these metal growlers easy. How does it work? The heat from the laser bonds the marking agent to the metal, resulting in a permanent mark.

Learn how to mark stainless steel growlers in these five easy steps.

Materials Needed

  • Growlers
  • CerMark
  • Rotary attachment
  • Wet cloth

Step One: Design

Download a premade template or create your own design and adjust the artwork accordingly. (Image 2) Depending on the size of your growler, you may need to change the dimensions of the design to fit properly.

Step Two: Coating

Coat your growler with CerMark and let it dry. If you have a fiber laser, you can skip the pre-treatment step, as these systems are designed for bare metal marking. Use the recommended settings in the equipment manual for your particular metal.

Step Three: Rotary Attachment

To insert the rotary, lower your engraving table, remove the vector or engraving table, and power off your machine. Plug in your rotary attachment and then restart the laser. The laser head will relocate to a new home position for the rotary. (Image 3)

Step Four: Marking

When you’re satisfied with the placement of the design, send the job to the laser. (Image 4) Use the following laser parameters with a 60-watt laser:

Laser Parameters

Raster: Speed: 15%; Power: 100%; 600 dpi; Stucki Engraving

Step Five: Cleaning

Once engraved, remove the remaining bonding agent with a wet cloth.

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