Try This: Laser Engraved Mirror Glass

Get creative by laser engraving a mirror.

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Your creativity knows no bounds: Even mirrors can become unique decorative elements with laser engraving.

Required material:

  • Mirror
  • Acrylic lacquer


Use the 2.85-inch flexx lens (with a Trotec laser) or the 3.2-inch fiber lens.

Step 1: Preparation and Engraving

First, put a piece of anodized aluminum in the area you want to engrave. You do not engrave the work area, too. Alternatively, you can also work with the honeycomb table. Then, you set the mirror with the mirror side facing up into the laser. You can engrave the mirror reflective side through the glass with your desired pattern.

Glass does not react with the fiber laser, and so only the mirror layer is removed by the laser. The glass itself is not scratched because it reacts only to the wavelength of the CO2 laser source.

Laser Settings

*Note: we used a Speedy 100 flexx fiber laser, 30 watts

Engraving: power: 100 %; speed: 10 %; frequency: 1000 ppi

Step 2: Cleaning

The cleaning afterwards is easy because the erosion and dust of the engraving lands on the table under the mirror and not on the mirror itself.

Step 3: Painting

The last step involves painting. You apply acrylic lacquer to the back of the mirror. The final result: The mirror layer is removed due to the engraving. This part of the mirror is now transparent. So the colors of the paint remain bright and intense because of the transparency of the glass.

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Josh Stephens

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