Try This: Laser Engrave Acrylic Keychains

Create custom acrylic keychains with laser engraving and cutting.

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Want to create a fun and popular product? Personalize a custom acrylic keychain using laser engraving and cutting.

About the Acrylic

Choose a top-quality cast-acrylic sheet for the keychain project. Cast acrylic will engrave a frosty color with a smooth edge when laser cut. (Image 1)

Materials Needed:

  • Cast-acrylic sheet
  • Key ring

Step One: Creating a rounded rectangle

Start the project by creating a rectangle that is 1.5″ X 3.0″. Apply a .1″ radius to the corners of the rectangle using the Corner Radius tool. The line thickness for the rectangle should be the minimum your program allows. For CorelDraw, the minimum line thickness is Hairline and is set in the Pen Dialogue in the left toolbar.

Step Two: Large text

Creatively position the text over the box. Allow the font to overlap on the outside of the box. Try using thicker fonts to increase the durability of the project. (Image 2)

Step Three: Duplicating text

Duplicate the text and move it aside. The text will be placed after the next step.

Step Four: Creating the vector cutting pattern

Remove the fill color from the text and apply an outline. Set the line thickness to the minimum for the layout program. Select both the text outline and the rectangle. With both items selected, click the Weld tool to combine both into one continuous vector.

Step Five: Replacing text

Position the previously duplicated text onto the outline vector. The text requires a black fill color for engraving.

Step Six: Adding the hole for the split ring

Use the Ellipse tool to create a circle that is .014″ X .014″. Position the circle about 1/4″ from the left edge of the rectangle. The circle should have the minimum line thickness to enable the vector cutting mode. The job is now complete and ready to engrave and cut.

Step Seven: Engraving and Cutting

Laser Parameters:

Engraving: Power: 20%; Speed: 100%

Cutting: Power: 100%; Speed: 6%; Pulse rate: maximum 

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