Try This: Laser Engrave a Leather Desk Pad

How to personalize leather desk pads in three easy steps.

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Create a personalized leather desk pad with laser engraving in three easy steps. (Image 1)

Materials Needed

  • Leather desk pad
  • Dry cloth (or damp cloth/alcohol-based cleaner)

Step One: Design

Create your own design or download a premade template to import in your graphic program. Adapt the size of the graphic to fit your desk pad.

Step Two: Laser engraving

Place the desk pad into your laser engraver and position the top left corner into the 0/0 point of the engraving or vacuum table.

Using an 80-watt laser with a 2-inch lens, send the job using the following parameters. (Image 2)

Laser Parameters

Engraving: Power: 60%; Speed: 100%; 500 dpi; Air Assist: ON; Z-offset: 2 mm

The laser beam will be defocused because of the Z-offset of 2 mm, making the lines appear thicker and more intense than they would in focus.

Step Three: Post-processing

Leather is an organic material and tends to burn during engraving or cutting, producing a particular smell. The cutting edges can also turn dark and stain. Most types of leather can easily be cleaned, but you should test the cleaning method on a discreet area. Start by using a dry cloth to remove the smoke residue. If that doesn’t remove the residue, try cleaning the leather with a damp cloth or an alcohol-based cleaner.

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