Try This: How to Laser Cut a Guestbook Shadowbox

Get crafty in the wedding market by following three simple steps to laser cut a treasured keepsake

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These dimensional wedding guestbook shadowboxes are a fun and creative alternative to the traditional paper guestbook, and they’re quickly becoming a popular choice for weddings.

This crafty idea includes laser cut wooden hearts that guests can write their names and/or well wishes on. The best part is that this treasured keepsake can be displayed by the bride and groom for years to come. Read on to learn how you can create your own laser cut wedding guestbook shadowbox.

Materials Needed

  • Shadowbox
  • Wood sheet
  • 4 pieces of scrap material
  • Wood glue (optional)

Step One: Design

Create your own design or download a pre-made template. Consider using heart shapes or other designs suited for the occasion. (Image 1)

Step Two: Cutting

Place the wood sheet in the laser. Using a 120-watt system, set the following parameters. (Image 2)

Laser Parameters

Raster: Speed: 70%; Power: 100%; 600 dpi

Vector: Speed: 10%; Power: 100%; Frequency: 10

Step Three: Assembly

To reduce the width of the shadowbox, add four scrap cork pieces to each corner. Measure and laser cut the scrap wood to size (Image 3) and place it on top. You can use any scrap material you have on hand to reduce the width (wood, acrylic, etc.).

After engraving and cutting the pieces, guests can sign a heart and place it into the box. If the positioning of the pieces is important, apply small amounts of wood glue to the back of each heart. (Image 4)


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