Try This: Hanging Sublimated Photo Glass Panels with Standoffs

This method makes it easy to show off your shop's sublimation work.

Sublimated glass and other delicate substrates can be difficult to display in your showroom, especially if the shape doesn’t allow it to stand on its own. Here’s one solution that shows customers what is possible, while sprucing up your shop with more color on its walls.

Materials Needed

  • 4 through standoffs or edge grippers
  • 4 screws and drywall anchors
  • 12-inch by 18-inch or 8-inch by 10-inch sublimated glass panel (with pre-drilled holes if using through standoffs)
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Hex key

Step One: Placement

Select a spot that fits your glass panel and carefully place it flat against the wall. Take the level and place it flush with the bottom edge of the panel. Check to make sure the level in centered and that all bubbles align properly.

Through standoffs:

Still holding the panel, take a pencil and outline where the pre-drilled holes are on the wall. Remove the panel.

Edge grippers:

You will need to take an additional step before the placement process to loosen the hex screws on the side of the standoffs to separate the top from the bottom piece. From there, you can take the washers out.

Once this is complete and you have leveled the panel, take a tape measure and mark with a pencil one inch inward on all four sides. We recommend that if you mark the horizontal or vertical edges on the top, you keep it consistent on the bottom.

Step Two: Drill

Take your drill and form the pilot holes in the center of your marks on the wall. Then, install the drywall anchors by hammering them into the pilot holes. Again, grab your drill and mount the wall spacers using one screw each into the anchors.

Step Three: Hanging the glass

Through standoffs:

Apply the glass by first putting the standoff through the holes, making sure there is a washer on each side of the substrate so that the glass doesn’t get scratched.

Line the panel up with the wall spacers and tighten the standoff on the front side of the glass. Note, you will want enough space to lift the other edges away from the wall to put the washers on.

Complete the process by twisting each of the standoffs to a secure fit.

Edge grippers:

Place the glass over the wall spacers, making sure there is a washer between it and the glass for protection. Starting with the bottom wall spacers, place the top piece of the standoff over a washer, followed by the glass. Tighten the hex screw.

If you would like to learn more about this process, visit the Condé YouTube page for a video tutorial.

-Bobbi McMullen, Condé

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Bobbi McMullen

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