Try This: Customize an Apron with Laser Engraving

Customize an apron perfect for culinary beginners or expert chefs with laser engraving.

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With so many styles and textures, fabric is becoming increasingly popular for engraving. Tightly-woven fabrics produce a bright contrast and appealing engraving results.

Here we’ll walk you through the steps to create a customized apron perfect for culinary beginners or expert chefs.

Materials Needed:

  • Apron (Note: Stick to darker fabrics as they produce a better contrast when engraving.)
  • Scrap piece of sheet metal, acrylic or other material with a flat surface
  • Double-sided tape

Step One: Prepare the fabric

Stretch the fabric flat by taking your piece of scrap material and applying the double-sided tape to one side. (Image 1)

Step Two: Positioning

Center the apron on the scrap piece and fold the remaining fabric so that it is out of the engraving area. This helps ensure the apron lays flat while engraving. (Image 2)

Center the apron within the machine.

Step Three: Design

Select the file you want to engrave; draw a vector box around the design to run only that job. When you’re happy with the placement of the design, remove the vector box and send the job to the laser. (Image 3)

Step Four: Engraving

Laser Parameters: Speed: 100%; Power: 25%; 150 dpi

When engraving fabric, a lower dpi removes less material, keeping the fabric stronger. After the engraving is finished, take the apron out of the machine and remove the scrap material.

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