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A QR Code is a 2-D barcode that stores information such as an image, video, or audio file. When scanned using a smartphone application, the viewer can access the content, even if it’s not stored on their phone directly. That means if you sublimate a code that houses a video onto a mug, the recipient of that gift can watch it with their morning Joe for years to come.

Follow along with this demonstration to see how it’s done. Keep in mind, any decoration technique can be used as long as a precise, detailed image is achieved.

Materials Needed:

  • Photo or audio/video file
  • Google account

Step One: Produce the web link

First, select the audio or video file you want to use on your computer.

Then, log on to your Google Drive account. Click the “Upload” button and choose your file.

qr code
All images courtesy Cheryl Kuchek

Click “Open” and “Start the Upload.” When the upload is complete, it will appear on your drive. 

qr code

At this point, you are the only person with access to the file.

Right click on the file. Choose “Get Shareable Link” for others to access. Link Sharing is on, showing “Anyone with the Link” can view the file. Highlight and copy the web link to use with any QR Code Generator site.

qr code

Step Two: Generate a QR code for your link

One of the many free, quick, and easy QR Code Generator sites that can be used is www.qrcode.kaywa.com

Paste the link from your file and click “Static” and “Generate.” This will give you your unique QR Code.

qr code

When you see this green-and-white box appear, go to the bottom and click “I Want to Continue to Work with My Static QR Code.”

qr code

Step Three: Apply the code to your project

Once the QR Code is generated, right click on the code image and save to your computer.

qr code

The QR Code image file can now be applied to your work for anyone to access with a smartphone or tablet. In the example used here, the code is simply placed in the bottom corner of an image using any graphics software. You want it to be small enough as to not distract from the focus of the product but large enough that a digital device can register it.

qr code

There are many free QR Code scanner apps available; however, Apple users can point it at the desired code and it automatically reads. 

Be sure to test the QR Code before applying it to a product to ensure that it scans properly.

-Cheryl Kuchek, Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond

Cheryl Kuchek

Cheryl Kuchek

Just My Imagination DeZigns

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Cheryl Kuchek is the owner of Just My Imagination DeZigns Inc. in New York and the founder of the Facebook groups Sublimation, OKI, iColor and Beyond and Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond, the first of its kind to focus on sublimation, hosting a community of digital decorators and serving as a resource to grow their business through weekly Facebook Live sessions, webinars, vendor discounts, and more.

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