Top Customizable Gifts for Men

Options that you can sell to your customers for every occasion throughout the year.

Most of the top customizable gift items for men are things they’re likely to use and have broad appeal. These popular items are more likely to be worn or at least be in a man’s pocket than in their home, although some could be in an office, work space, or car. The materials are mostly leather, metal, wood, and similar substrates.

  • Clocks, watches, and compasses. Watches, including pocket watches, are worn while clocks are gifts that can be used at the office. Add a personal message or monogram to make it unique for him.
  • Wallets and money clips. These items can run a price gamut from inexpensive metal money clips to expensive wallets and fine leathers. Most men use a wallet or a holder of some sort for their cash, credit card, and ID, so these gifts are welcome by a vast majority of men; adding their name or monogram makes it personal.
  • Glass or metal mugs and tankards. When in doubt about a “guy gift,” choose drinkware. Beer mugs (aka tankards) are always popular for guys. Choose from inexpensive glass mugs or imported pewter tankards, and coffee mugs and water bottles. They can be customized with a name, nickname, monogram, graphic design of a club, or favorite team name or logo.
  • Jewelry and watch boxes. Most men may not have a lot of jewelry, but what they have may be worn frequently. Neck chains and chains with pendants that have some personal or religious connotations are popular. Higher end watches need winding so boxes that wind watches automatically and those made of metal and wood are popular, especially with a personal monogram on them.
  • Pock knives and tools. All men may not have been boy scouts or campers when they were young, but most like gadgets and tools all the same. The simple pocket knife can include a variety of implements and come in a selection of materials and finishes. Offer your customer a sleek, metal pocket knife with a single locking blade and include a hand-engraved monogram. If that’s not their guy, try a more substantial pocket knife with multiple implements and a wood inlaid handle that’s laser-cut with his name or initials.

-Lou McNeil, Creative Gifts International

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Lou McNeil

Lou McNeil

Lou McNeil is the president and founder of Creative Gifts International Inc., a supplier of gifts, awards, and trophies for more than 25 years.

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