THE NBM SHOW Celebrates Long-Time Exhibitors

Get to know some of THE NBM SHOW's original exhibiting experts...

As the countdown to THE NBM SHOW in Portland continues, exhibitors in the awards and engraving, sign and digital graphics, and apparel decorating markets are gearing up for two busy days of offering hands-on demonstrations and training to attendees – some of which for the hundredth time or more.

A&E turned to some of the show’s most seasoned veterans to hear more about their experience throughout the years, and learn what keeps them coming back…

How long has Rayzist been exhibiting at THE NBM SHOW? 

Since the mid-90s.

Which shows do you do? 


How do you think your booth has grown or improved over the years? 

In 2006, we began to realize more education was needed on the show floor, not just in the classroom. We set up our booth as an educational space with screens, sound, and cameras for live demonstrations, and we brought various surfaces and demonstrated challenging projects on the show floor. This is something we continue to do today. 

What’s changed?

We started to see other exhibitors change with in-booth education as well, and we began to notice a shift in attendees’ decision-making processes and product awareness because it stemmed from on-the-spot education. We now hold a class at every show to provide existing and new customers techniques and tips for the sandcarving industry. 

Why do you think sandcarvers should attend the shows? 

I believe people need to see it, feel it, experience it before they purchase a product or machine. 

-Liz Haas, Rayzist

When did Epilog first start exhibiting at THE NBM SHOW?

Over 17 years ago.

Which shows do you do?
Epilog does all of THE NBM SHOWs each year.

How do you think your booth has grown or improved over the years? 
As Epilog has grown as a company and added more products to our lineup, our booth has grown and expanded to better showcase our machines. We’ve increased not only our booth space, we’ve also taken on additional sponsorship opportunities with our Personalization Stations at the Long Beach and Indy shows. This has been a great way to increase our exposure at the show and has allowed us to interact even more with potential customers.

Why should laser engravers attend the shows?
THE NBM SHOWs are exceptionally well run and organized. Everyone on staff is professional and accommodating (and we love the broad range of attendees who visit the show).

-James Stanaway, Epilog

When did IKONICS Imaging first start exhibiting at THE NBM SHOW?  

IKONICS first exhibited with NBM back in the early 1990s under the division name PhotoBrasive Systems.

Which shows do you do?

IKONICS participates in all THE NBM SHOWS every year. 

Why do you continue to exhibit at these shows?  

The show continues to be a wonderful venue for IKONICS to obtain new customers, visit with current customers, and demonstrate sandcarving products. The time, energy, and money put into each show is worth it.   

Any memorable moments you’d like to share?  

Many years ago, a customer purchased a floor model sandcarving machine at THE NBM SHOW. Becki Nelson, a PhotoBrasive sales manager at the time, and I had to ask the customer if they needed the machine shipped or if they had the capability to take it home after the show. Excited to bring it home and wanting to avoid shipping costs, they measured the machine several times in our booth to try and bring it home themselves. When the show was complete and the carpets rolled up, Becki and I rolled the machine out of the convention center on a dolly. The customer directed us to their “truck,” which to our great surprise, was actually a minivan. I explained to the customer that the only way this is going home in their minivan is if we disassemble part of the machine in the parking lot – so, we did … in the rain.  Two hours later, a happy customer drove home with a sandcarving machine in their minivan. 

-Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging

Turning to the NBM trade show team, Brandy Jamison-Neth, executive trade show sales manager, reflects on the show’s success developing long-lasting relationships with its network of exhibitors: “We are in the business of our clients’ business,” she says. “We’re honored to have cultivated an environment where so many of our exhibitors choose to partner with us, show after show – it’s humbling and reminds us what an enormous compliment it is to work with the same folks year-in and year-out.”

Catch these exhibitors and over 70 others at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on May 11-12.  For all the details on THE NBM SHOW in Portland, click here.

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