Sawgrass Hosts ‘What’s in Your Ink: Going Behind the Scenes’ Webinar

Did you know that excess air bubbles in ink can affect print quality and possibly damage your printer?

sawgrassSawgrass will host a webinar titled ‘What’s in Your Ink: Going Behind the Scenes’ on March 27. There are two sessions: one beginning at 8 a.m. and the other at 4 p.m. (EST). Jimmy Lamb, manager of communication and education, will present both sessions.

According to Public Relations Manager Robin Kavanagh: high-quality sublimation imaging begins with the ink. “Though some people think that sublimation ink uses a generic formula, that is definitely not the case, as inks have to be manufactured for specific purposes and to work within specific printers.

“Our product development department has an expert staff of engineers, chemists, and technicians who create, test, and develop our multiple lines of ink products. Everything we sell, we created, manufactured, and packaged in our in-house facilities. Now, we’ll show you how it is done.”

Lamb encourages sublimation shops to join this live webinar so they can ask question on the spot. However, participants are welcome to submit questions prior to the webinar, as well. You may direct them to [email protected].

Sawgrass’ last webinar focused on the cycles of the wedding experience (engagement, planning, the wedding itself, the reception, and honeymoon), the typical products that you can produce, how to market to this 2.3-billion-dollar industry, and why this market is a good fit for sublimation.

You can find this session, along with past webinars, in the archive.

Register for ‘What’s in Your Ink: Going Behind the Scenes’ here.

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