Report: Apparel Manufacturing Could be Vulnerable to Hackers

Alexander Polyakov at Forbes suggests apparel manufacturers could be vulnerable to hackers.


NEW YORK-The rise of automation, 3D printers, and software used in apparel manufacturing could be vulnerable to hackers. That’s the theory from a recent piece by Alexander Polyakov at Forbes. Polyakov suggests that cybercriminals could exploit data related to new product releases.

While the concept pertains largely to retail apparel, Polyakov explains that software like Enterprise Retail Systems (ERPs) and other business applications could be compromised and cause “giant financial losses,” particularly if that individual accessed information on an unreleased prototype. The constant demand for new products and the fast pace of e-commerce also means companies are developing more products at a faster clip, he elaborates.

“Clothes production took a leap forward with the ability to rapidly churn out new models,” says  Polyakov. “Now, only a few days are required to turn a draft into a real piece of clothing in a store.”

Polyakov suggests hackers with the data would have “compelling opportunities” to steal designs and print them at lower prices, ultimately devaluing a manufacturer’s proprietary product.

To see the article, visit http://bit.ly/2Jq1Ndn.

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