Putting a Twist on Signage with Sublimation

When you hear someone talking about sublimation, you assume they are talking about the usual suspects: mugs, shirts, decorative items. But have you ever considered sublimating signage?

Many people use sublimation for signage, but we run across quite a few who have never thought of it until they stumbled across it at a trade show or even brought it up as an idea when they called in looking for advice. Consider these application ideas and you may end up with a few new money-making ideas.

Materials that work well:

  • Metals
  • Hardboards
  • FR plastics
  • Subliflex


  • Hotels or schools: They both use it for a variety of things within the buildings, mostly for directional purposes, or in the hotel instance, talking about the property’s amenities and where they can be found.
  • Menu boards at local restaurants: Smaller places typically keep the same menu for a long period of time and it gives the restaurant a lot of freedom in the design as they can put anything on it and still be full-color. Since some of the materials are dry-erasable, you could sublimate a larger piece with a background and the restaurant can use it to write the specials for that day.
  • Display photos of a business’s past: You always see pictures on the walls of old employees or owners taken during special times or events. Why not use that same idea and incorporate it into a sign within their business? Maybe use a photo collage of all the old photos as a background of a sign with the company’s name and logo. Pictures of the past and present tell a lot about a business and provide a great product that will put you at the top of their list for anything else they might need to order.
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