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Texas screen printers Trust Printshop operate with a small team, but that hasn't stifled their growth. 

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Shop name: Trust Printshop
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Shop owner: Matthew Lucas
Shop services: screen printing, custom T-shirt neck labels, art, and design
Machinery: three automatic presses, one four-color manual press, two dryers
Shop size: 18 employees
Business: nationwide, local business to business 

Texas screen printers Trust Printshop operate with a small team, but that hasn’t stifled their growth. When Printwear caught up with owner Matthew Lucas, he pointed out that the staff was a group of “18 people doing the work of 30.”  The business has seen multiple transitions in the past few years, including a move into a new building in Jan. of 2015. After operating out of Mansfield, Tex. for numerous years, Lucas and his team made the move to a new facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. The new location features crucial upgrades for Trust, including temperature control.

The temperamental North Texas weather presented challenges to the shop’s staff, adding to what can already be a taxing, hot environment inside the print shop.

“It wasn’t just the 120 degree temperatures [in Mansfield], it was also the nearly 100 degree shifts between summer and winter that made our inks unpredictable and made our fight for consistent prints terribly difficult,” adds Jesse MacKenzie, creative director at Trust Printshop.

Trust Printshop’s efficiency and productivity runs on an enthusiastic culture of what Lucas describes as “people wanting to chip in and work hard,” but also relying on a backbone of intuitive technology. Three years ago, the company built their own task management software to reduce redundancies in workflows.

“Everything’s entered one time,” Lucas explains. “From order entry, to what we show our customers for approval, to the details that go to printers, and of course shipping.”

Despite operating in the age of e-commerce and social media, Trust still maintains a solid core of word of mouth business. Roughly 50 percent of the Trust Printshop business comes out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, while the other half comes from an intricate network of clients all around the country that Lucas and his team have built up over the years.

“We work very close with our customers and go the next level into business to business relationships, which I think there’s a big need for,” Lucas stresses.

The location of the shop also presents advantages on both local and national levels. Being positioned in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Trust Printshop has a three-day ship to both coasts, as well as a convenient proximity (less than a mile) to downtown Fort Worth. Within Fort Worth, Lucas cites a dozen different street fairs and community events as a major part of local business.

In addition to events around the city, art-based customers, particularly those with fashion lines and an eye for creative apparel make up a significant portion of Trust’s repeat clients. Lucas says he and the team enjoy working with intricate, unique designs, and the challenges that come with it.

The palpable energy in the Trust team can also be seen by the statistics they’ve released to the public on their site. They saw a 27 percent increase in sales from 2014 to 2015 and a significant addition of 158 new customers. Looking forward for 2016, Lucas says he would like to see a shift from building the company to “building the people of the company.”

For more information on Trust Printshop, visit: https://www.trustprintshop.com/.

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