Knowledge Equals ADA Power

With a little learning, successful awards and engraving shops can become successful ADA sign shops, too.

One component you shouldn’t skip acquiring is in-depth knowledge about the ADA sign standards, which you can find within the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Clients as well as consumers and code officials are becoming much more aware of the sign requirements, so you need to know them as well. In California, where a state commission keeps track of legal complaints, incorrect signs are one of the top 10 reasons for those complaints.

As you read through the standards, you may find them difficult to decipher. There is an excellent animation on the sign standards that is now on the Access Board site. It was sent to me to check over prior to publication, and I think you may find it informative.

-Sharon Toji, The ADA Sign Lady

Sharon Toji, ADA Sign Products

Sharon Toji

Sharon, also known as The ADA Sign Lady, is the president of ADA Sign Products, as well as a consultant for the company. She's authored a manual, “Signs and the ADA,” and began her journey in ADA signage in 1980.

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