Issue Preview: WRAPS 2021

Here's a preview of what you can find in the 2021 edition of WRAPS

In the 2021 edition of WRAPS, set to mail and hit a screen near you on May 13, industry pros dive into all things wraps, from mastering the color change job to vehicle wrap training and removal, plus much more.

Here’s a first look at some of their thoughts you’ll find exclusively in WRAPS 2021.

Top 10 Tips for Upping Your Color Change Wrap Game

Molly Waters, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions

  • “Inlays can greatly reduce your install time — seams for inlays can be hidden in body lines and aren’t noticeable unless someone is really looking for them — and also ensure a better, longer-lasting wrap.”
  • “Remember, “the product” is your service of selling the wrap as much as it is the wrap itself. Color change clients want to be educated and understand what you are using, what is the warranty, and how it is maintained.”
  • “Color change wraps may appear to be the glamorous side of the business, but if you are a commercial shop, color change may not be the best fit.”

Benefits of Installer Training and Certification

Phil Aquin, 3M Authorized Trainer

  • “For the customer, certification signals that the installer has been evaluated at a higher level and that they are familiar with the product, application, and techniques needed for their vehicle.”
  • “For beginner installers, an intro course that teaches fundamental skills will help them prepare to advance into graphic film installations; even advanced installers can benefit from these courses by learning the latest techniques to share with employees.”
  • “When preparing for a test, installers or businesses should go to a junkyard and purchase a couple props to practice on. Volkswagen Beetle round fenders are a great option to practice how to mold a film to a compound area while doors with compound curves are a good place to start to learn squeegeeing.”

Wrap Removals are Like a Box of Chocolates

Malcolm Gieske, IDWraps.com

  • “Unless we know that the wrap came from our shop, and the exact age of the film, quoting a removal can be like spinning a carnival game wheel.”
  • “Aftermarket bodywork or aged paint can have a relatively weak bond with metal and plastic body panels. The simple logic is that if the paint bond is weaker than that of the adhesive-to-paint surface bond, then the paint finish is likely to fail upon wrap removal.”
  • “That cheap wrap kit you may have saved some bucks on with initial cost can bite you and your customer in the rear when it comes time for removal services.”

Look out for these articles and more in the 2021 edition of WRAPS.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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