Issue Preview: Promotional Products, Summerwear, and Flatbed Printing

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO June

In the June issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on May 24 and hit a screen near you on May 25, print and graphics professionals cover the elevation of promotional products, summerwear trends, and how flatbed printing fared throughout the pandemic. Check out this sneak peek for a look at what’s in store.

Promotional Products: From Trash to Treasure

Jeremy Picker, AMB3R Creative

  • “A small investment in design time can pay off tenfold in customer loyalty and brand recognition, but it’s often overlooked.”
  • “Utilizing everyday objects that an end-user might need creates a greater likelihood of success within a promotional product campaign. In 2022, consider decorating usable power banks, speakers, and headphones.”

Summertime and the Living’s Easy: Fashions for Summer Heatwaves

Carly Hollman

  • “With a focus on more simplistic colors and designs, details such as contrast hemlines, cutouts, and asymmetrical silhouettes can give looks deeply rooted in vintage design a little extra something that helps promowear stand out.” — Jennifer Oleksik, LAT Apparel
  • “One of the main buying trends that has taken off is buyers requesting styles with sustainable fibers and more transparency.” — Taryn Rosen, Fruit of the Loom/JERZEES/Russell

A Solid Base of Work: Flatbed Printing Remains Strong Through Pandemic

Paula Aven Gladych

  • “At first, the sheer amount of pandemic signage needed was driving demand. The ease and speed of printing directly on rigid substrates when compared with printing, laminating, and mounting other printers’ output made UV printers very attractive. Many customers sought out UV print capability to keep up with the massive demand for signage from local, state, and federal government offices, as well as from grocery stores, medical centers, and other essential facilities.” — Jay Roberts, Roland DGA
  • “A lot of print shop owners who always wanted a flatbed printer but couldn’t afford one used the demand for pandemic signage as an excuse to finally make the investment.” — Ernie Contreras, Mimaki
  • “We also are noticing a lot more sustainable media coming to the market. So rather than printing those types of signs on plastic materials, like Coroplast, they can now be printed on corrugated paper products and other plastic substitutes.” — Mark Rugen, Mutoh America

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