Issue Preview: Textile Printing, Uniforms, and Wood Products

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In the October issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on Sept. 27 and hit a screen near you on Sept. 28, print and graphics professionals cover how to succeed with textile printing, the 411 on workwear and uniforms, and the profitability of personalized wood products.

Become Remarkable with Textile Printing

Mark Rugen, MUTOH America

  • “One of the things that makes textile banners different from other media is motion. If the printed textile is hung properly, you can let the air conditioning or wind do the job of getting attention.”
  • “Interestingly, many textile choices can be used with multiple types of ink, from UV to latex to eco-solvent. So, if your shop has more than one type of printer, it is likely that, if carefully chosen, the textile can be printed by all devices.”
  • “You will find that your customers seem to accept a higher value and, therefore, a bit higher charge for a textile sign. Play up the advantages like storage, longevity, motion, etc., and don’t be afraid to charge a bit more than your normal PVC sign equivalent.”

Getting Work from Workwear and Uniforms

Kristine Shreve, Kristine Shreve Consulting

  • “When a smaller shop is considering workwear or uniform sales, the thing to remember is scale. Most likely, you will be selling to smaller companies with a smaller pool of employees.”
  • “Keep in mind that a uniform is defined as distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or employees of the same company, while workwear is heavy-duty clothing worn for physical or manual labor. So, they’re roughly similar things but not exactly the same.”
  • “One way to get started with selling uniforms is to think about the decoration technique you already offer and what types of uniforms may be most suited to those techniques. This may allow you to create another profit center using the equipment and technical knowledge you already have.”

Profitable, Personalized Wood Products

Ruth Dobbins

  • “Real wood is beautiful, comes in many colors and is relatively easy to work with, and creates a connection to nature.”
  • “Boxes represent the largest category in the wooden product line. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from, and the application can range from a utilitarian container for everyday items.”
  • “During the past several years, we have experienced an explosion of micro-breweries in our area, and all of them offer beer samplers on a special board called flight board. This is also true for wine or liquor companies.”

Find these articles and much more in GRAPHICS PRO October.

Plus, be on the lookout for START HERE, the annual publication providing start-up information for graphics professionals looking to expand or branch out in their business, set to mail on Oct. 19 and hit a screen near you on Oct. 20!

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