Issue Preview: Backlit Signage, Crystal and Glass Awards, Embroidery Conversion Software

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO May

In the May issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on April 25 and hit a screen near you on April 26, print and graphics professionals cover graphic illumination with backlit signage, crystal and glass awards, and using conversion software for better embroidery results. Check out this sneak peek for a look at what’s in store.

Putting a Shine on Branding: Backlit Signage Offers Options for Graphic Illumination

Shelley Widhalm

  • “You need to have density because you’re lighting it from behind. White diffuses the light, that’s why it’s a good color.” — Eric Berger, Color Reflections Inc.
  • “Every business is trying to get noticed. Any type of advertising they can do to make that happen is worth the money.” — AJ Titus, Signarama

Crystal and Glass Awards: The Clear Choice for Recognizing Achievement

Kristine Shreve, Kristine Shreve Consulting

  • “As a general rule, there are three types of glass used in making awards or gifts, actual glass, crystal and optic crystal.”
  • “What makes glass and crystal profitable, as is the case with most promo products, is personalization.”

Better Embroidery Results with Conversion Software

Dennis Dunning, Embriodery Designs 

  • “Creating embroidery files by converting vector art into stitches using conversion software is gaining popularity, in part, because it can rival the quality of files created by digitizing and does so more efficiently.”
  • “If a stock vector file does not convert well, it may be due to a poorly constructed file and not a deficiency of the conversion software.”

Find these articles, plus much more, in GRAPHICS PRO May.

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Marie Fennema is the editor of the GRAPHICS PRO Today, covering news and guidance in apparel decoration, awards and engraving, and sign and digital printing.

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