Get in the Game: Insights for fall sports preparation

Now's the time to start thinking about selling to the fall sports market.

There is a growing trend to play a sport year-round, which has occurred because many athletes become specialized in a certain sport at younger ages. Although, football, cheer, and soccer have been and continue to be the most important sporting activities in the fall.

There are a few products awards retailers should always pitch to their customers: resins, trophies, trophy components, medals, plaques, and gift items/coaches’ gifts. Large resins and full-size sport balls are also great items to catch your customer’s attention.

Another way to stand out from the competition is to use mixed media decoration on a standard award – for example, attaching a common resin to a wood base. When doing this, however, always have an alternate item that you could swap in so that you keep your trophy offerings fresh. The goal is to differentiate yourself. Offer items that your competitor is not selling.

-Gregory Kolenut, Freeman-CMA

Gregory Kolenut

Gregory Kolenut is currently spearheading the sales transition team at Marco Awards Group. Formerly, he managed the domestic and international sales effort for Freeman CMA for over twenty years.

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