Featured Project: Well-Heeled Wheels

Two large corporate projects kept SpeedPro Imaging-Denver busy for several weeks.

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Darin Schneider, owner of SpeedPro Imaging in Denver, recently completed two very large wrap projects, one in which he and his team outfitted 600-plus Denver-area Comcast vehicles, and another where they wrapped the Colorado Department of Transportation‘s (CDOT) new “Bustang” fleet of buses.

“For this round of Comcast work our client came directly to us,” Schneider wrote in an email. “We have become the preferred Denver/Mountain region vendor. Initially, Comcast was a cold sales call. We were initially auditioned for a few of the upgrades but quickly supplanted the other vendor. CDOT was a sealed bid (request for proposal).”

He says the most recent Comcast job was just decals, not a full wrap job, but his company did more than 600 of them. For CDOT, SpeedPro did three wrap installations and provided two more wrap kits, Schneider says.

He says swapping out all the Comcast graphics took a little less than six weeks using two to four installers at any given time. The CDOT wraps were performed one per weekend for three straight weekends with two installers each. His company used an HP Latex 360 printer and 3M IJ180cv3 film for the jobs.

“The Comcast work presented a huge logistical challenge,” Schneider says. “Not only did a huge number of vehicles need to be completed in a short (under two months) time frame, but another primary requirement was minimizing their techs’ downtime as to not affect quotas. We were able to accomplish this using a few different techniques and best practices.”

And the results speak for themselves.


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