Featured Project: This Wrap Will Get you Coming and Going

When people see this wrap, it makes a difference if the vehicle is traveling east or west.

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Indianapolis-based Dream Street Graphics Inc. brings us this featured project. It’s a custom wrap the shop did for one of its employees featuring the company’s motto, “Don’t Drive Naked.” Joe Garriott did the remarkable design, with one side featuring cheetah print and the other 3M 1080 Wrap Film. It was designed to show the ease of color change, its creators say.

Dream Street Graphics was founded in 1995 by John Wiley, who first got into installing vehicle graphics way back in 1982, making him one of the early adopters of what was then a new visual medium. You probably couldn’t pull a wrap like this off back then, but today a wrap is only limited by the designer’s imagination and the talent of the installer. 


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