Featured Project: This Lambo is Loud (in All the Right Ways)

Back when this was done, colored chrome was pretty new to the U.S.

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This project is a blast from the past. Sean Tomlin and his crew at Designer Wraps of Millville, New Jersey, sent us these pics a few years ago of a gorgeous color-change wrap they did on a Lamborghini for a client.

“We collaborated with the customer for several weeks on determining what to actually do with the car,” Tomlin told WRAPS at the time. “He knew he wanted something very unique and to make the car stand out more than it already did (I mean it IS a Lamborghini). Since chrome wraps are still very young here in the United States (this was 2012) and the material has become more available, we decided to wrap the car in chrome … but we wanted to take it to the next level.

“Though chrome is available here now, colored chrome had not yet been done in the U.S. It is very popular in Europe right now and is slowly making its way over to the U.S. We just wanted to be the first to do ‘colored chrome’ here. The end result is just plain green glory! Once we put the last piece on the car and started backing it out of our garage, our jaws dropped to the ground, this thing was simply amazing. Pictures, unfortunately, don’t do it justice. Seeing it in person you get to experience the full effect of the green chrome and the little details that were covered in the material, along with the subtle ’embossed’ Designer Wraps logos placed under the matte black portions of the wrap.”

To complete the wrap, Designer Wraps used WetEdge squeegees with Croftgate Aquanil-x solution, and a lot of Knifeless Tape. They used Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film Chrome with a custom coloring (their “secret sauce,” as Tomlin calls it) and Matte Black.

To complete the full color change, the car was completely dismantled in-house and each piece was wrapped separately, all corners were rounded and/or wrapped completely around.


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