Featured Project: Making Room for Exposure

Getting into the wraps business a few years ago was a smart move for this Greenville, Ohio sign shop.

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This week’s featured wraps project hearkens back to 2013, when the husband-and-wife team of Joe and Laura Wintrow of Greenville, Ohio’s Wintrow Signs & Designs decided to send us some samples of their work.

At the time Wintrow Signs was relatively new to vehicle wraps, although they had been in the sign business for some time.

“We are a typical sign shop and have been in business since 1996, but it wasn’t until last year that we started to do wraps when we bought our Mimaki printer (just had plotters prior to that),” wrote Joe Wintrow in his submission to Sign & Digital Graphics. “I do all the designing myself and both my brother, Mike, and I do all the installations. We use ORACAL 3751RA vinyl with ORACAL’s 290 cast laminate.

“When we started doing wraps, the plan was to do our truck and really get the word out about our new service. It turned out to be a busy year in the shop and our truck just kept getting put off. A year and 13 wraps later, we finally just said we have to take the time to do our own because it wasn’t going to happen if we kept putting our customers first. So we made it happen and boy, the heads are turning. It turned out really well and everyone loves it.”

But it was Wintrow’s exposure to the racing scene that really helped launch the shop into the public eye. 

“The Buy Polar truck was our ticket to fame,” Joe says. “This design was partially done by our company but their company logo and mascot were already developed. This truck is owned by Tina Cain of Eaton, Ohio, and both her and her truck are very popular in the truck pulling industry in this area. After Tina was getting so much attention with her truck, her husband, Matt, also had to have his truck wrapped, even though he already had a custom paint job worth well more than $10,000. His truck resembles Tina’s, but he plans to add some effects using LEDs and smoke to top it off in hopes that he will be the center of attention now instead of his wife. Regardless of who turns more heads, husband or wife, they are both striving to be the best at what they do, as well as their family and friends that make up their Buy Polar Pulling Team. What a great group of people to know and an awesome industry for those doing wraps.”


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