Featured Project: California Shop Does Amazon Fleet Wrap

Majestic Sign's contract with Amazon involved molre than 75 vehicles. 

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This week’s featured project comes to us from Majestic Sign Studio in Corona, California, which sent us a note and some pictures about a fleet wrap job it did for Amazon.

Amazon Fresh is the e-commerce company’s grocery delivery service, and launching the brand with strong visuals was obviously very important to the company. The toughest part, says Majestic Signs, was going through the stringent selection process. Amazon thoroughly inspected the shop’s physical workspace. The full-service sign and wraps shop also needed to be highly flexible, because had to be taken out of service while the wraps were applied.

It turned out that Majestic Sign did the job just 35 days from when the artwork was approved. It delivered full wraps on 24 vans and partial wraps on 55 of them in a variety of locations, not just in California but as far away as New Jersey. Part of the challenge of the job was coordinating with the sheer number of schedules, installers and locations. Another tricky part was having to carefully resize the artwork to match the size and shape of each vehicle, according to Gordy Wolfe, co-owner of Majestic Sign.

“Vehicle wrap advertising is an extremely useful tool that can be done for less than a dollar a day per vehicle,” says Wolfe. “Americans spend a lot of time in their cars, which translates into a lot of opportunity to have brand messaging reach commuters.”

In addition to the Amazon Fresh permanent fleet wraps, refresher ads were also applied in three locations per vehicle: the passenger and driver rear quarter panels and the top back portion of each vehicle. The refresher ads promote various partnering companies, including Kraft, Lactaid, California Avocados, and CitiBank. Unlike the permanent wraps, these refresher ads will be replaced on a quarterly basis.


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