Featured Project: Better Wayfinding Through Flexible Signage

Magnetic signage made by Visual Magnetics is an easy fix when you have multi-purpose parts of a building.

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When it was time for Bethel Valparaiso Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, to remodel its building in 2013, it realized it needed a cost-effective solution for changing their interior wayfinding signage regularly for conferences, events and church worship. It wanted a flexible solution for signage that could easily work with multipurpose rooms.

The congregation hired Aion Solutions to help them with their wayfinding signage needs. Aion developed a layered magnetic receptive wayfinding system using the Visual Magnetics Graphic System that could be changed out easily by church staff. The team at Aion recommended VM-POLYmatte and VM-InvisiLock mounted onto Sintra boards to make communicating to church visitors easier and more effective.

For example, after church worship has wrapped up, the “Worship Hall” layer can be removed to reveal “Conference Hall” if the church is also hosting a conference or event that day.

“We have a small facility, and we use different desks and rooms for different purposes. On Sunday morning, one of our main desks is a children’s check-in, on Saturdays that same desk is used for something completely different,” says Fred Butson, worship director at Bethel Valparaiso. “Sometimes in one day we need to switch out signage several times.

“Before having Visual Magnetics, we had nothing as far as wayfinding. We looked at all kinds of different solutions for better communication, whether it was signage for bathrooms, coffee or services. We liked that Visual Magnetics’ print media was nice and clean, clear and versatile. And once we realized we could swap out signage to communicate different things, we were sold.” 

Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is digital content editor of Sign & Digital Graphics & WRAPS magazines.

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