Featured Project: A True Sports Car

This VW bug commands double-takes wherever it goes.

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This featured project was done in 2012 for the Golf USA franchise in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Patrick Segura with Stubblefield Print &  Signs was charged by a customer to turn his Volkswagen into a rolling golf ball on a tee. Steve Insausti did the design and Michael Fromer the installation.

“Our client, who owns a construction company and a retail golf store, wanted his VW to look like a golf ball on a golf tee,” Segura told Sign & Digital Graphics at the time. “We took an actual golf tee to a local woodworker and had it scaled up to 36″ turned in alder wood, painted and attached to the roof of the beetle using combo wood/metal screws. The tee was sealed with an outdoor varnish. He has it parked in front of his store, which fronts a very busy street here in Albuquerque.”

The graphics were printed on 3M IJ180C with 3M 8519 Lustre Overlaminate and 3M IJ8171 Perforated window graphic film, using an HP9000s solvent printer. Installation took Fromer about 12 hours. 


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