Assyst and X-Rite Announce Cooperation on 3D Software for Apparel Design

X-Rite and Assyst announce plans to collaborate on 3D technology for the apparel industry. 


KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany-X-Rite and Assyst announce plans to collaborate on 3D technology for the apparel industry. Both organizations unveiled plans at a recent forum held by Assyst in Munich.

While X-Rite focuses on appearance capture solutions, Assyst specializes in 3D simulation software. The companies say by integrating their technologies, they hope to forge new inroads to apparel design.

“We want to continuously expand our pioneering role in 3D clothing simulation,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Human Solutions Group, developers of the Assyst platform. “The collaboration with X-Rite Pantone will take material presentation in Vidya to a new level of reality.”

Through the collaboration, X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem will be integrated into Assyst’s 3D-software Vidya, says Human Solutions Group. Dr. Francis Lamy, executive vice president and chief technology officer of X-Rite, says that the initiative helps address crucial components of apparel design like size, texture, gloss, transparency, and opacity. “Traditionally, the capture and virtual rendering of material appearance has been a challenging and time-consuming manual process,” adds Lamy. “TAC’s precise measurements of physical materials ensure that visual appearance can be presented digitally without manual tweaks, freeing designers to unleash their creativity. With TAC, each step of the product development process – from marketing to production – has access to truly physically correct digital materials, ensuring consistency of presentation.”

For more information, visit https://www.xrite.com

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