A&E Exclusive: Penn Emblem Honors 2017 Robert Blumenthal Service Award Recipients

From five years to 40 years, 11 total workers were recognized.

penn emblem
penn emblem

Each year, Penn Emblem honors its employees for reaching significant levels of service at the company during the previous calendar year. From five years to 40 years and beyond, 11 total workers were recognized for 2017. Each location holds their own awards ceremony.

A list of the most recent honorees includes:

  • Rich Pospiech – 40 years
  • Karen Krehmeyer – 35 years
  • Gina Ramirez – 25 years
  • Gilberto Rodriguez – 25 years
  • Sagrario Godinez – 20 years
  • Jesus Gonzales – 20 years
  • Cathy Pinedo – 20 years
  • AmeliaRodriguez – 20 years
  • Eric Kramer – 20 years
  • Keane Hoffman – 20 years
  • Michelle Burgess – 20 years

A&E caught up with one of these honorees, Gina Ramirez, who marked 25 years with at the company’s California office. Ramirez says she was originally hired as a graphic artist in 1992; but throughout the years, her roles have varied from art department lead to customer service lead, to human resources to inventory.
“I was fortunate enough that when Bob Wiberg came to Penn Emblem, he promoted me to plant manager,” she says of her current position, which she has been working for approximately 11 years. “I worked really hard to keep moving and learning during the years.”

Looking back on her career at Penn Emblem, Ramirez says, “I am surrounded by a great team in this facility as well as Penn Emblem Mexico and Pennsylvania. Many people have had patience with me and taught me things … I have always taken pride in working for the top emblem manufacturer in the country, and I look forward to being part of a team that takes personalization to the next level.”

As for the next 25 or so years, Ramirez shares that she aspires to be a part of executive management and contribute to the larger decisions that help elevate Penn Emblem. She states, “I love working for a woman-owned company and hope we can continue to move forward and be the most innovative in the industry.”

For more information, visit www.pennemblem.com.

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