A WRAPS Did-You-Know: A Wrap Can Get You Arrested in Malaysia

If you do a color-change wrap in Malaysia and don't tell the government, you are on the wrong side of the law.

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Americans love their freedom, and nothing encapsulates that freedom like the automobile.

Americans also love their freedom of speech, and vehicle wraps are-aside from being terrific forms of advertisement-an ideal way for an individual to express themselves.

If you have any doubt that the wraps phenomenon has spread globally, just look at who attends WRAPSCON, or look at the contestants in any of the manufacturers’ big-time wrap competitions that are held around the world.

But some places are freer than others. In the southeast Asian country of Malaysia, for example, did you know that vehicle wraps are allowed, but for a color-change wrap you must register it with the JPJ, the government’s body overseeing the country’s transportation system. If you don’t notify them of the wrap, you are breaking the law.

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