Why should I know the purpose of the awards my clients order?

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It’s important to know the purpose of the award for a few reasons. Why is this corporation in need of an award? What kind of experience are they trying to create for the recipient? Talking about their needs will help determine the appropriate awards to sell. Knowing about their customers, their culture, their engagement programs, their pains (such as employee retention, employee attraction and absenteeism), and their successes (such as new product developments, new market developments, company milestones, community outreaches, volunteerism and cost savings) will give you the chance to sell more than just one award. It also gives you the opportunity to offer other promotional products your client can use at the event.

   —Crystal D

Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

Jen Jezierski

Jen Jezierski is the marketing coordinator at Crystal D, a manufacturer of crystal awards and gifts. She can be reached at 651-925-3425 or by email at [email protected]

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