Why is the mask coming off during sandcarving?

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This can have several causes. The most common is lack of adhesion. This can be caused by using glue that is not mixed well, by air bubbles trapped under the mask during application, or even by contaminants on the substrate. A mask that is properly adhered to the glass will reduce the incidence of blow-offs. Another cause is that the air mixture in the sandblaster may be too lean. This increases the power of the air coming out of the nozzle, which can literally blow the mask off the glass. Increasing the flow of abrasive media slightly may reduce mask blow-offs.

   —IKONICS Imaging

Darin Jones & Wes Barton

With over 12 years of education experience with IKONICS, Darin Jones is the technical training sales specialist for IKONICS Imaging. As a sandcarving expert, he serves customers in the Midwest region while also training and teaching customers and prospective clients from all over the world. Wes Baron is the national sales coordinator for IKONICS Imaging in addition to serving as the West Coast sales representative. He assists the director of sales with daily operations of the sales department and helps other territory representatives with individual training, education, and trade shows. 

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